Our next Basic Skills Program will begin on Thursday 2nd March 2023 from 6.00-10.00pm. It will be held at the same time each week until the 6th April 2023
The cost of the program is $800.00
Please contact Garry on 0427966007 for further details and bookings.


Unit 1

Learn the basic skills of maintaining your knives, how to use them and practicing the basic vegetable cuts. From these you will prepare a range of fresh stocks as a base for the soups and sauces you will prepare next lesson.


Unit 2

From the stocks prepared previously you will make a selection of base sauces and soups and learn various derivatives, which can change these into a classic masterpiece.


Unit 3

Learn the skills of cooking with water – boiling, blanching, poaching, steaming, pressure and sous-vide (under vacuum) cooking. This will include mastering the equipment associated with each task.


Unit 4

Slow cooking methods of cookery include stewing, braising and roasting incorporating flavours from Morocco, the Middle East and Europe.


Unit 5

Grilling and frying are the most used methods of cookery in modern cuisine. Learn how to grill, shallow fry, stir fry, deep fry and BBQ to make a beautiful meal in minutes.


Unit 6

Get to know your oven – the principles of baking are essential for making good quality cakes and pastries. You will also learn how to cook delicate desserts such as souffles and custards in the oven.


For more details on any of the courses listed above, please call or email Garry.